Saturday, 13 August 2011

As my friends a peacocks addict I had to look on their site, I was pleased with all the offers I found so put in an order. I expected good service from peacocks, unfortunately this wasn’t the case. I was happy that they had an order tracker so I knew when my order was coming- But it wouldn’t work for me, I had no idea when my order was coming. I had put in my order on the 4th of August, and received a conformation email telling me that they had received my order. I had ordered some tops, shorts and Jewellery for an upcoming holiday at a bargain price (everything had at least 50% off!). I didn’t hear from peacocks until the 9th of August when they informed me they didn’t have some of the items I have ordered. Why did it take them 5 days to tell me this? More importantly why did they let me order them if they didn’t have them? I wouldn’t have minded but the top I had ordered I needed for a party, Peacocks left me rushing around looking for something else- If I would have known earlier I would have been able to find something!
 Later the same day I received an email telling me my order had been dispatched – Dispatched where? My order tracker still wasn’t working! Out of the blue the next day my package arrived from Peacocks- Luckily I was indoors, I had no idea when it was coming!

When I opened the package I found this:
Every thing was tightly packed into the box causing HUGE creases!

Lucky the cut priced accessories I had ordered came neatly in a separate envelope:

Will I be using again? Quite frankly no. Although the customer service team contacted me on the 11th offering me their ‘Sincere apologies’, and 10% my next order. I won’t be swayed back. I like to have control over my order, I don’t want to be sat in waiting for it- I expect their order tracker to work and the store to update their site with the stock that they have.

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