Monday, 15 August 2011

No7 Stay perfect Nail colour (Highland Mist) review

After finding this nail coulor in a set I recived for a brithday I had to try it, although I didn’t expect to like it because of the colour. But as a fan of No7 I decided to try it on one nail, I loved the easy application so much I did all my nails. Normaly I make a mess with my nails, But with stay perfect my nails looked great. I fell inlove with the colour when it had dryed, It has a real girly/Classy look to it.
 Here are my nails at the end of day one:

Good as new!
And at the end of day two:

A few chips here and there  most of the ones towards the bottom of the nail are my fault- I had a big habit of picking my nail varish off there, there was one chip that wasn’t down to me though.
Over all: I liked this Nail colour, I’m terrible for picking at my nails, this lated longer than most!  The colour has a great shine to it aswell. After feeling lazy I simpley painted over the chips- You cant tell the difference the varish just seemed to blend in!
What do you think of No7 Stay perfect nail colour?

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