Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Collection 2000 ‘Big Fake false lash effect mascara’

 After hearing about collection 2000’s ‘Big Fake false lash effect mascara’ I decided to pick one up on my latest shopping trip, a 8ml tube is about £4.99 which seems like a reasonable price, I love the design of the tube, It really stands out along with the skyscraper mascara on the Collection 2000 stand- But as I’m a false lash effect lover, I picked this one out of the two;

Above are some images of the mascara. The brush itself was huge, which can normally be expected for false lash effect mascara. Below are the before and after of my eyes;

I found that the brush was maybe a little too big for me and you had to work a little to get that ‘False lash effect’ but The end results were quite pleasing- This mascara is great for if you’re watching what you spend- Although I think I’ll be sticking to Max Factor!
Will you be trying Big Fake false lash effect mascara by Collection 2000?

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