Saturday, 22 April 2017

Beauty | Barry M Lip Kit in Runway

Since lips became the 'in thing' lip kits have been popping up left, right and centre! Personally I've always found them to be over priced, so when high street brands started offering cheaper versions I knew I had to give one a ago. The much coveted Barry M lip Kits automatically took my fancy. Sadly these were only a limited edition offering sold in Boots and Superdrug, however Barry M have hinted at a restock so keep your eyes peeled! I only managed to get my hands on the darker of the three shades available, However I'm so glad I did! While I didn't expect to fall head over heels for 'Runway' It has become a 'go to' shade.
Each kit (priced at £6.99) contains a lip liner with a matching matte me up liquid lip paint. The limited edition range featured three shades; 'go to', 'pose' and 'runway'.  While I cant comment on the other two, I have found 'runway' to be of a wonderful quality. While initially I thought £6.99 was expensive for Barry M, These lip paints sell on their own for £4.99, so a lip liner thrown in for an extra £2 is pretty good going! 
I find the application to be really smooth, even when my lips are feeling a little dry! While it looks glossy on first application things really matt down and your left with a wonderful long lasting finish. I have received so many compliments on this colour! I can be a little wary of darker lip shades so love that this is a darker nude thats so easy to pull off!
If you're dying to give this a go and your local Boots or Superdrug has sold out, you could always try the Barry M single lip paints! They are the same formula as the ones featured in the kit and priced at £4.99 from selected retailers. 
Have you tried a lip kit yet? Which ones do I need to try next?

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Beauty|How I battle my tired undereyes

For as long as I can remember I've been conscious of my puffy under eyes. Add 50 hour weeks, and a stressful job to the mix and my under eye confidence is at an all time low. Whenever I see a photo of myself they're the first thing I'm drawn to and something I now find myself investing in. 
So over the years I've developed a few habits which I like to think help make a difference, including frequently using eye masks.  It took me a while to try these as I never really saw any budget alternatives, although recently they seem to be popping up everywhere, most recently I saw them in Primark! Although some of my favourites are these Purederm ones I found in Bodycare, which were just over a pound a pack for 4 pairs. I love that you can just pop these on and they stay put on the face, meaning I can go about my business without the inconvenience of them popping off! After my under eye area feels so nourished and refreshed! Well worth a try if you're a under eye sufferer like myself.
It goes without saying that eye cream can make the world of difference to your under eyes in the long term, but applied in the right way it can also help freshen things up for a short term fix. I make sure to apply my eye cream before my concealer to ensure things go on more smoothly. There are also a bunch of application techniques floating around - more recently I've been enjoying the Real Techniques Under Eye Reviver to give my cream a more cooling feel. It makes me feel more awake in the morning.
Once I've covered my under eyes in skincare treats, I conceal any signs of tiredness with concealer, Personally I like to use a creamy concealer first (my favourite is the NYX dark circle concealer), I then complete the look with a liquid one such as S&G Trick and treatment. I apply both of these with a sponge rather than a brush as I feel the technique provides more coverage.

Have you got any more tips to avoid tried/puffy eyes?

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Three ways I ditched the daily hair wash and how you can do the same!

For as long as I can remember I've been an everyday hair washer. It was a habit my Mum had, so one I naturally picked up whilst growing up. However, when my boiler recently broke and washing my hair daily just wasn't an option. It made me really rethink this habit and just a month later I've gone from washing my hair daily to every 4-5 days. Here's how you can do the same!

1. I got the chop
Within a couple of days of realising my hot water wasn't returning any time soon I decided it was time for a trip to the hair dressers. It's crazy how getting rid of a few dead inches can transform your hair. Without any dead weight my hair is so bouncy, meaning the roots look lifted!

2. I found the right products for me
I've been using canned dry shampoo for years, but they never worked amazingly for me. I switched to baby powder a few months back and haven't ever looked back. Not only are the results amazing (my hair has made everyone in my household convert), the tub is sooo long lasting!

3. I had a restyle
Ok, so admittedly I just throw my hair back for work during the week. But I've found that switching my hair up can keep the grease at bay. The front of my hair gives a lot away, so If I'm getting to the end of the week I may give myself a more central parting.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Lifestyle | Why I'm glad I took a blogging break

I realised a while back that I've never really addressed my months of absence.  I never really intended on taking a 'blogging break', it was just a natural progression when I reached the final stages of my degree. Although If we're being completely honest I'm really bloody glad that I did.

Personally I have always adored blogging. That's why this page still exists five years later , although I've never allowed myself to be completely 'sucked in' by the community. Whilst earning my degree, I also had both a paid and voluntary job. I didn't have time to blog, If we're being completely honest I barely had time to bother with makeup!

So rather than pushing out crappy posts I had no interest in, I took a step back. My personal life will always come first, in the many months I was away, I picked up my grades by nearly a whole classification and spent a lot of time growing up. Fast forward a few more months, I've been working full time in an industry I love and I've just been accepted to study a teaching course at the university of my dreams.

I think for years there's been this misconception in the blogging world that to be a success you need to have a string of consistent content. While there's no denying that regular helps keeps audiences interested, I for one am sick of blogging having to be such a robotic thing. Rather than put out content I hate for the stake of consistency, I took time away. My blog didn't vanish and my followers didn't grow legs and walk away. I look back at my posts from the summer and am proud of that content - that is the type of blogger I aspire to be.

I took a massive blogging break, but I needed that to full back in love with blogging again. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

What I got for Christmas 2016

Well hello 2017! Yes, this post is nearly two whole months late, but lets face it I'm not exactly winning any blogger awards for my consistency lately! Since I love these posts, I figured I'd still show you guys what I got for Christmas!  I didn't realise what a typical beauty blogger I was until I saw these photos.. Although I think great minds think alike and I was so pleased with all of my lovely gifts this year!
Like every year, I was lucky enough to receive the big Soap and Glory gift set - I absolutely love everything included, especially the body milk which smells like cake! I also got a mini Sugar Crush set from my Aunt so cant wait to use that when I go on trips. Beauty wise, I also got some make up bits including this lovely Too Faced lip kit - which was one of my favourite gifts and this Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection, I've been desperate to try more from the range since buying the 301 Flat contour brush so cant wait to put these to good use!
I'm also a big lover of perfumes! So was so happy to try this 'Just' perfume, along with a new favourite of mine - 'Lady million'. Finally as a lover of homeware I received a few housey bits including this lovely Yankee candle diffuser, Its been on since Christmas and I can still smell it every time I enter my bedroom!
So there you have it, some of the things I was lucky enough to receive Christmas day! Did you get anything nice?

Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Primark Beauty Blender dupe

The Primark Beauty Blender dupe
I am obsessed with Primark Beauty right now, and seem to have a rapidly growing collection of their beauty sponges! When I saw this pack of four mini sponges my brain automatically screamed mirco mini, as they instantly remained me of their Beauty Bender sisters. The major difference being the massive gap in price, While you can grab two sponges for £14.50 from beauty blender, the Primark alternative offers four sponges for just £2.50! 
While I cant say I've tried the Beauty Blender alternative, I have no need as these are everything I hoped for. I love using these mini blenders to dap my concealer into those hard to reach areas - they are just the ideal size!
Beauty Blender dupe
If you're tempted by the micro minis, I'd recommend giving these a go! Have you tried anything from Ps..Pro yet?!

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Benefit Christmas 2016 | Blushin' Babe

Yes, It's October and yes, I'm hitting you with the 'C word'. Brands seem to have really upped their games this year, and admittedly I've treated myself to far too many gift sets! One of my favourites this year is this lovely Blushin' Babe gift set from benefit. Priced at £29.50 the set contains five bestselling blushes (Sugarbomb, Rockateur,Coralista, Dandelion and Hoola), Watt's up! highlighter, They're real push-up liner and they're real mascara.
Housed in this cute tin, this little set contains pretty much everything you need (minus base products) for a full face of makeup. Personally I think this is a wonderful way to try more of what Benefit have to offer. Individually these blushes sell for over £20, and while the ones in this set may be smaller, I  never come close to finishing products, so am over the moon to be able to try all 5 for under £30!
I've been using this for the past couple of weeks and have been LOVING it! It's nice to be able to switch my blush up everyday!
This would make a wonderful gift set (or even a treat to yourself!) and can be found at selected retailers including Boots - Where you can currently get 10% off premium beauty when you buy two items.